AGM 2020

The group is still going strong in COVID lockdown, with Beavers and Scouts sections holding virtual meetings, leaders taking training, and the exec taking care of the group’s resources. We all look forward to resuming normal operations, which will we expect to happen at the same time that schools go back. It currently looks like schools might go back in September, possibly still with some anti-COVID measures.

In the meantime, we are approaching our third anniversary, and our second Annual General Meeting of the Group Scout Council (GSC). This is where everyone with an interest in the group and how it is run can hear the trustees’ report, elect new trustees, make decisions and offer their views on what should be the priorities for the next year.

The Group Scout Council is made up off all the group’s stakeholders including parents, leaders, helpers and Scout Patrol Leaders. All are encouraged to participate in the AGM.

The trustees are the Group Executive Committee (GEC), which looks after the group’s money and other resources and makes sure it is following the Scout Association’s rules, including delivering the Scouting mission to actively engage and support young people in their personal development, empowering them to make a positive contribution to society.

This year’s AGM will be held virtually at 1930-2000 on Wednesday July 15th:

Join Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 792 5859 3101
Password: 1sttrump

An agenda is available online in DropBox. Please send requests to put items on the agenda to

The trustee’s reports will be posted a the week before the AGM.

Please come and help the trustees by giving your feedback.

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