Resuming activities

The Scout Association is following the governments’ four-stage approach to resuming normal activities. It has developed guidelines for what can be done safely at each stage. 1st Trumpington are making plans to resume activities in the new school term according to those guidelines.

COVID alert levels

Nationally we are now in “amber” which means we can do some outdoors activities. The alert level will hopefully reduce further over time, but it could also increase again, so we are keeping in mind that either could happen.

It looks likely that in Autumn term the sections will be putting together a mixture of digital and face-to-face activities.

As well as following Scout Association guidance we have to respect the measures the Fawcett school has put in place to enable a safe return to school for its staff and pupils. We are currently finding out from the school whether they can let us use their facilities as previously.

Our volunteers are all keen to get the group back to a full programme. We are currently doing additional COVID-related training and planning, so please bear with us.

We would love to welcome you to the team too! Your support is doubly important in these uncertain times. Just follow the Volunteer link at the top of this page.

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