Welcome to our new website!

1st Trumpington have been growing steadily since starting up in September 2017, and we’ve ambitions for a lot more! Having had some generous help from Cambridgeshire Scouts to get up and running we’re now a fully fledged Scout group with three sections and an executive committee.

Our focus for the next year is to keep growing the group and put it on a sustainable path. The most important thing we can do is to help volunteers and young members find us, and that means making ourselves easy to find and easy to get in contact with. With that goal in mind, welcome to our new website!

This complements our public Facebook page and our Facebook group and Online Scout Manager for parents and leaders, and will become a place for all kinds of useful information and for telling 1st Trumpington’s story.

Please let me know your suggestions for how to improve it, or send me content to post. Members are extremely welcome to add posts themselves – ask me or Geoffrey for a login.

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